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Emma Spiers

Owner/Director & online coach

Hi girls,

I’m Emma, the founder of GRL Health and Fitness

I fell in love with the gym after quitting hockey due to two knee injuries, as naturally I missed the feeling of keeping fit and getting endorphins flowing!

I finished up my English degree but had no real passion to find a career linked with this subject. I decided to study for my Personal Training qualifications and soon began my career within the fitness industry, working in different studios before GRL was born.

I began GRL from Edenmore Golf Club in July 2019, and soon after opened the Moira gym in October 2020. Since then the gym has doubled in size in just 20 months.

A big part of my role is creating the best coaching team who continue to empower, encourage and motivate others both in and outside of GRL.

My drive to help women become the best version of themselves, build confidence, knowledge and a love for their own bodies, motivates me daily to continue growing GRL.

GRL has produced many life changing results over the years, and it’s only the beginning!

Where ever you’re at in your fitness journey girls, we would love to stand by you in support



Elaine McCartney

Gym Manager & Coach

Hi, I’m Elaine!
At 42 I decided to follow my dream in getting involved with the fitness industry, and transforming womens’ lives.
I’ve loved all aspects of being fit since I was 9 years old old- I remember fond memories of running with my brother all those years ago!
My GCSE PE, A Level Sports Studies and GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism sparked my interest in fitness, helping others and continued passion for my own fitness journey.
Having lived in England for 15 years, my past experience was in the beauty industry which I enjoyed, but I’m finally taking the right path and following my heart in becoming a Personal Trainer.
After being coached by Emma when she first began GRL, I really loved the impact both physically and mentally that the process had on me. I could see other women just like me becoming healthier, fitter and happier. Just like me!
Which brings me to today. Now I’m working in management here at GRL and also a Semi Private coach.
I am so excited to help motivate ladies in achieving their best in the gym, feeling good about themselves, and exceed their goals as part of GRL Health and Fitness!
Be sure to say hello in the gym!
Elaine x

Natasha Mitchell


Hi there!
I’m Natasha, 29year old mum of 2 and the last person in the world who ever though they would have a gym and all round health inspired insta 🙈 But here I am, a fully trained and certified coach here at GRL!
Like a lot of people I yo-yo dieted for years, getting weight off but never maintaining it. I tried the gym and would instantly reward myself with a mars bar after because I had earned it right? But that mars bar led to another, maybe a bag of crisps and before I knew it I was elbow deep in a chinese. At that point I gave up, what was the point. I had “ruined” my diet. 
Fast forward to Jan 2021. A couple of lockdowns under my belt working as a front line worker the only food I lived on was take aways to try and fill the void of social interaction. The Christmas lockdown was the hardest, I noticed none of my clothes fitted- even my super stretchy primark leggings! It sent me into a really depressive spiral 😓 
The first step out of this was a book by Dr Rangan Chatterjee “Feel great, lose weight” which was bought for me by my mum for my birthday 😂 The book had so many amazing insights such as how our mental health can massively impact our physical health and the importance of mindful eating. It also highlighted the importance of movement, simple things like walking to the shop or doing some light exercise around the house.  
After reading the book (twice) I knew what I had to do. So come the end of lockdown I signed up for GRL’s online coaching with Emma. I can honestly say I have never looked back. She taught me how to reach my goals – weight loss to begin with, then building muscle and becoming stronger through high protein foods while still enjoying the foods I love (see chinese from before) all while training in a female only gym with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met! 
After 8 months of her guidance I did my first photoshoot and I can tell you I have never felt so high. I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life. 
Which leads me to today- the next step in my journey helping other women of all ages and abilities achieve their best physical and mental health 💪🧠

Clare Carson


Hi girls!
I’m Clare and I’m a university student in stranmillis and I study health, physical activity and sport.
I have always been interested in sport and fitness and from  an early age I started running, Ive been with clubs and really enjoy competing in different events for them!
Due to the nature of my course I was required to complete a placement for 7 weeks and reached out to Emma.
Following my 7 weeks placement I have seen the impact coaches have on clients and was really interested in continuing my journey as a couch with GRL.
I haven’t always had a good relationship with food and exercise as when I was 14 became very ill with eating issues but have since learnt how to love fitness and food in a healthy way!  I now love running and training and eating anything and everything! I want to share the lessons I’ve learned with you and show that food  and exercise are meant to be enjoyed and not feared.
I love coaching ladies of all ages and abilities and I’m so excited to be coaching at GRL as a level 2 fitness instructor and get to know all of you!

Charlotte Dickson


Hi girls I’m Charlotte!

After I left school at 18 I went straight into working in retail, which I loved because I love working with people. I did that for 7 years and just felt a void in my life and wanted to do something more fulfilling.

So I decided to go for my gym instructing qualification and that process led me to becoming a coach here at GRL Health and Fitness!

Fitness and exercise has been a passion of mine for many years now. I love every aspect of working out, the physical benefits but most importantly the mental benefits too. It has helped me personally get through some difficult situations in life and I want to be able to help others to be able to do the same. 

When I was 12 I found out I had a wheat intolerance which led me to eat a gluten free diet. So for the course of my teenage years I struggled a lot with digestive issues which can be really difficult to live with. I didn’t have a great relationship with food which led to really rubbish energy levels.

Fast forward 13 years and I am back onto a normal diet again and feel great. I love food! I love all kinds food and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. I am so excited to help you on your fitness journey.

No matter what age, size or ability you are I want to help you become the best version of yourself and for you to feel happy and confident in your body and mind.


Rachael Logan

Online Coach

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